Get Movin' Partnerships

Get Movin' has partnered with organizations to provide great deals for our clients. Whether you're looking for color powder for your upcoming Color Run or fun items for student incentives, check out who we've teamed up with and how you can continue to spend less & earn more!

We've teamed up with American Parks Company to help your Parent Group provide more fun, safe places for your students to play through the Matching Fun program. With this partnership, American Parks Company will match dollar for dollar towards your school's brand new commerical playground structure

Just choose one of their program levels to set a fundraising goal.

For more information on how we can help you raise money for your playground initiatives, contact one of our experts.

Honeybees Custom Tees has been selected by Get Movin' as a very reliable resource for high quality t-shirts. They offer the best price, while offering great customer service for your event-style fundraising, commemorative fundraising t-shirts. Mention GETMOVIN when ordering for the best possibe price.

Fitness Finders provides cute toe tokens and other charms that attach to shoelaces and backpacks with strings or key rings.

Many gym teachers use these for student incentives on health and wellness initiatives. Our clients get 20% off using a coupon code: GETMOVIN20 Check out the tokens & order online!

Schools that team up with Get Movin' have an immediate connection on any of the 1,000+ RSA roller rinks throughout the country!

Find the roller rink nearest you and contact them for support.
They will be familiar with the our partnership and willing to figure out a reward incentive that fits your school and budget. 

Our clients will receive a 5% discount on color powder purchased through Color Blaze! Simply order online at and use coupon code GM5 at checkout.